Recherche et développement

In recent years, Joystickbikelab has brought together outstanding partners to optimize the invention of Yvan. He is today a real reference for this incredible way of driving a two wheels with a joystick. So he has naturally accompanied Joystickbikelab with the latest innovations and product developments. Thanks to a wonderful team with multiple skills, the joystickbike of tomorrow has not finished surprising you.

We want here to thank all those who have been involved in this projetct. They have put their competences together which leads to a high quality equipment. This will allow you to ride your joystickbike according to your aspirations, your needs and your desires in complete safety.

Our specials thanks to the Valais school of Engineering with Professor Christian Wittmann and students Arnaud and Luis, to Jean-Luc Thuliez at Aventor, to Logitech Switzerland, to the joystickbike Federation that we support especially for equipment, a dedicated team for initiation / demonstration and trade shows and to our outstanding pilot Vince, Robin and Yvan.